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The West Bengal Student Credit Card scheme was launched by the West Bengal government because nearly all students desire to continue higher education, but many cannot realize their dream of doing so because of difficult financial circumstances. The government introduces a variety of programs to guarantee that higher education is accessible to all students. We’re going to tell you about it today. Students will receive loans through this program for their further education. You can learn everything you need to know about this program, including what is the West Bengal student loan, by reading this page. its goals, benefits, specifications, required documentation, the application process, etc.

The Student Credit Card scheme in West Bengal was introduced by West Bengal’s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee. This program’s start was decided upon during a state cabinet meeting on June 24, 2021. Students in class 10 or above can apply for a loan under this program up to Rs 10 lakh for further education. They will have access to this loan at a very cheap student credit card interest rate. Students will be given credit cards to use the loan’s benefits. The loan amount can be withdrawn by students using this student credit cardThis program is available to all students who have resided in West Bengal for the past ten years. Loans may be obtained via this program for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral studies both in India and overseas.

Overview of the West Bengal Student Credit Card Program

Loan name

West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme (WBSCC)

Organized by

West Bengal state government


Provide Loans for Higher Education

Loan amount

Rs. 10,00,000 (10 lakh)


15 years after getting a job

Interest on Loan Amount

4% per annum

Application Mode



Students of West Bengal

Age limit

40 years

Official website


Introduction of the West Bengal Student Credit Card Program

On June 30, 2021, the West Bengal government introduced the student credit card Yojna in West Bengal. This program has been established to give students financing for their academic expenses. Colleges are the subject of numerous meetings where the action plan for this system is explained. The West Bengal’s student credit card plan will shortly be introduced thanks to an official decree from the Department of higher education. This loan’s maximum amount is Rs. 10 lakh. This loan may be used for both domestic and international studies. This plan was included in the electoral platform put forth by the current chief minister, Mamata Banerjee.

Main Motive of the West Bengal Student Credit Card Program

The West Bengal’s Student Credit Card primary goal is to give students financing for higher education. Students would be given loans under this program worth up to Rs. 10 lakhs, enabling them to continue their higher education without worrying about the cost. All West Bengal students would now be entitled to pursue higher education. Because more students will now be able to pursue both education and job, this program will also lower the unemployment rate among West Bengal residents.

Benefits of West Bengal Student Credit Card

The Student Credit Card’s Benefits and Features of West Bengal:

  1. Student Credit Card Plan in West Bengal was introduced by Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal’s chief minister.
  2. Students will be given educational loans up to Rs.10 lakh through this Program for higher study.
  3. A state cabinet meeting convened on June 24, 2021, decided to initiate this program.
  4. Students in class 10 or higher will be able to profit from this program.
  5. The loan made accessible under this program will have an extremely low-interest.
  6. A credit card will be given to pupils so they can obtain several loans.
  7. The amount of the loan can be withdrawn by students using this credit card.
  8. This program is available to all students who have resided in West Bengal for the past ten years.
  9. Moreover, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral studies in India and abroad are eligible for the student loan in West Bengal.
  10. This scene was included in the Trinamool Congress’s electoral platform.
  11. This program’s benefits are available to participants up to age 40.
  12. After getting a job, students have 15 years to return the loan’s full amount.

Eligibility Criteria for Student credit Card of West Bengal

Student Credit Card of West Bengal eligibility criteria are listed below:

     The applicant must be a permanent resident of West Bengal to qualify for the WBSCC.

     The applicant must have resided in West Bengal for at least ten years.

     The maximum age to apply for this program is 40 years old.

     The “Student Credit Card Yojana,” introduced by West Bengal State, is only available to students.

     Students who are enrolled in classes above the tenth standard are eligible for the loan.

     The maximum age is 40 years.

     The applicant must reside in West Bengal State permanently.

     The applicant must have resided in West Bengal for at least ten years.

     To prepare for national-level competitive examinations like IPS, WBPSC, IAS, IITs, and IIMs, among others, a loan may be made available.

     Loan Repayment Period: 15 Years following Employment.

     This loan can only be used for higher education; it cannot be utilized for any other kind of business.

Documents required for Student Credit Card Scheme in West Bengal

Student credit card Scheme of West Bengal required documents are listed below:

     Color application photograph (20–50 kb,.jpeg or.png format)

     Colorized photo of the co-applicant or co-borrower (20–50 kb,.jpeg/.png format)

     Student signature (10kb to 50kb,.jpeg or.png format)

     Co-borrower / Guardian’s Signature (10kb to 50kb,.jpeg/.png format)

     Aadhar Card for Students (Only PDF format – 50kb to 400kb)

     Certificate of Student Registration for Class 10 (PDF Format Only 50kb to 400kb)

     Verification of Guardian’s Address (PDF 50kb to 400kb)

     Entrance receipt (PDF 50kb to 400kb)

     If there is no Pan card, the student’s undertaking (PDF Size 50kb to 400kb)

     If there is no pan card, the Guardians Pan Card/undertaking (PDF Size 50kb to 400kb)

     Appropriate Page of the Brochure or Document Including the Tuition/Course Fee (PDF Size 50kb to 400kb)

Registration Procedure for Student Loan in West Bengal

The registration method for using the official website of the student credit card program is as follows:

     To access the loan process, go to the official website (WBSCC) by Click Here

     The homepage will prompt you to select “Student Credit card.” Choose the Student Registration link.

     To properly register, complete all the fields with the necessary information.

     After entering all the information, click the Register button to create a user ID and password.

     The same username and password can then be used to access your account.

     Following the login, apply for the West Bengal Credit Card Scheme.  

How To Apply Online West Bengal Student Credit Card?

How to apply online for education loan in West Bengal is a tough question. To log in after registering on the official website, follow these steps:

     Choose “Student Login” from the menu. Once you’ve entered your application ID, password, and captcha code, select the login option.

     Choose “Application Detail” from the dashboard that has opened.

     A form will open when you select the Modify Loan Application option.

     Insert all required information in the application form, including your personal information, that of any co-borrowers, your current and permanent address, your course and income information, and the student’s bank information.

     Proceed by selecting Save and Continue, after which you must upload each of the aforementioned documents.

     Once more, click Save and Continue, and a new page will appear.

     Choose Apply by clicking.

     When prompted to confirm submission in a pop-up dialogue box, select Yes.

Call on West Bengal student credit card helpline number (1800-102-8014) for more details. 

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