Jharkhand Student Credit Card

Student Credit Card (Guruji Credit Card)

A new program Jharkhand Student Credit Card has been launched by the state of Jharkhand for the students who are residents of Jharkhand. This program is referred to as Jharkhand Guruji Credit Card Yojana 2024. And the Jharkhand state government unveiled this program last year. The government launched this program to aid the state’s students financially. All of the interested students are unsure of the benefits of the program, the documentation requirements, and the best times and locations to apply. The Jharkhand Guruji Credit Card Yojana 2024 application process, including the required paperwork, eligibility requirements, perks, and other details, will be covered in this article.

Overview of Jharkhand Guruji Student Credit Card

Name of the program

Guruji credit card



Launched by

Higher and Technical Education Department

Loan amount

Rs. 15 Lakh

Starting year

March 2022

Repaid Time

15 Years


Free Credit Card and Study Loan Upto Rs. 15 Lakh

How to apply

Offline mode

Official Website

To be announced

Application mode


Status of Registration

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Jharkhand Student Credit Card

On December 29, 2021, the state’s chief minister, Hemant Soren, made the initial announcement of the program. The Jharkhand state government has launched the Guruji Credit Card Yojana like west Bengal Student Credit Card and Bihar Student Credit Card. This program was approved for Jharkhand in the 2023 yearly budget. The program began on March 4, 2023. The West Bengal Student Credit Card Plan, which provides a load to underprivileged students, served as the model for this program. The Department of Higher and Technical Education has completed this plan.

Why is the Guruji Student Credit Card Program launching?

According to information obtained from the media on March 3, 2023, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has chosen to grant 10th and 12th pass children from low-income households the opportunity to pursue higher education to improve education in the state. The Jharkhand government is launching the “Guruji Student Credit Card Program” to address this.

The “Guruji Student Credit Card” would have a 200 crore rupee corpus fund created by the government.

The major goal of this program is to give Jharkhand state youngsters financial aid so they can attend reputable schools. With the help of this government initiative, youngsters who previously couldn’t afford higher education would no longer be denied it. They can now fulfill their desire of creating their future thanks to the Jharkhand Guruji Credit Card.

According to the Higher and Technical Education Department, student loans in Jharkhand would be made available to students in the state of Jharkhand who are enrolled in accredited educational institutions and are taking 10th and 12th-grade courses (10th-grade pass-for-diploma students). It has been decided to launch the Guruji Student Credit Card Scheme for this reason. The Guruji Student Credit Card will be provided to students so they can quickly borrow money for their studies.

Guruji Credit Card Loan process

     The Guruji Student Credit Card Program allows students to borrow up to Rs. 15 lakh.

     Through banks, they will receive loans.

     A maximum of 30% of this sum will be allocated for work outside of institutions (including living and food expenses).

     Just 4% interest will be charged to students for this.

     A basic interest rate of 4% will be charged to students.

     The state government would provide interest subvention to cover the remaining amount of interest. In other words, the state government will continue to act as a guarantor.

     No collateral security will be required from students to obtain a loan.

     Jharkhand student credit card loan balance can be paid back by students in 15 years.

     The youngsters will borrow money, and the interest on that loan will be calculated at a simple interest rate. All during the loan’s term, it will not change.

While obtaining a loan for higher education, students won’t be charged any processing fees by the bank.

The government of Jharkhand will choose the best educational institutions and make a list of Jharkhand student credit card college list, both within the state and in other states, that fall within the top 200 rankings of the most recent NIRF list, or that fall within the top 100 rankings of the NIRF LIST for their respective category, or that fall within the “A” category or higher.

How to Apply for a Jharkhand Guruji Credit Card Online 2024

The Jharkhand state government launched this program to aid and assist underprivileged pupils. Following this program, the Jharkhand guruji student credit card apply online portal is now available. You can check the registration status on official website of Jharkhand government (www.jharkhand.gov.in). The grants credit only to qualified students, who can then apply for study loans for higher education without providing any security or mortgage. The load has a maximum of Rs. 15 lacs. Only thirty percent of the fifteen lakh rupees can be spent on extracurricular costs like lodging, meals, books, laptops, etc. This loan will be available to students at a rate of 4%. The loan can be repaid by the students in 15 years. After one year of study completion, the EMI of the load will begin. Students must first register for the program and then satisfy the program’s eligibility requirements to benefit from it. In the following sections of this essay, we’ll go over the aspects of the scheme in more detail.

Eligibility Requirements for Jharkhand Student Credit Card

For the Jharkhand guruji credit card Yojana 2024, the following requirements must be met:

     A student must be a Jharkhand State resident.

     The scheme’s age restriction has not yet been disclosed.

     The student must be a college student.

     Also, annual income should be below the cap that the government will set. 

Jharkhand Guruji Credit Card Yojana 2024 Application Documents:

     Student’s & parents both Aadhar Card,

     Caste Certificate,

     Income Certificate, and Other Educational Documents,

     Information on Bank Accounts

     Passport size photographs

Benefits of Jharkhand Guruji credit card

Advantages and characteristics of the Jharkhand Student Credit Card Yojana program include:

     The primary advantage of this program is that it will give Jharkhand’s underprivileged kids financial security.

     The fact that no student has to abandon their studies for money is another advantage.

     A credit card will be issued in the student’s name.

     The student has the option of borrowing Rs. 15 lakhs for their studies.

     A student may use thirty percent of the total for extracurricular costs.

     The loan must be repaid within 15 years by the student.

     One year following the course’s completion, the debt will begin to be repaid.

The Jharkhand state government introduced the Guruji Credit Card Yojana 2024 program to assist and aid underprivileged pupils. Following this program, the government offers student loans to qualified applicants, who can then use the funds for higher education without having to put up any security or mortgage. Students must first register for the program and then satisfy the program’s eligibility requirements to benefit from it. The method of registration has not yet been made public. Thus, the procedures for applying for the Scheme has been made public now. Guruji student credit card yojna official website will be available at – https://www.gsccjharkhand.com/

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