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MDS admission offers various specilization in dentistry. A postgraduate degree in dentistry is called a master of dental surgery. The Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) course lasts three years, but there is an option for a two-year MDS program for students who have already completed a Post Graduate Diploma program recognized by DCI.

MDS offers training to future dentists in a variety of dental specialties. The course’s primary goal is to prepare students to become certified dental professionals. Candidates for the MDS program are prepared to work as practitioners and advising consultants in their chosen fields of expertise.

The Master of Dental Surgery also strives to foster the critical thinking, and advanced clinical, and research skills necessary for specialist registration. BDS graduates who want to enroll in an MDS program must pass an admission exam administered by one of several states or schools. For students to get admitted to the institution of their choice, they must achieve the minimum required marks. A dentist’s career is supported by an MDS degree, which enables them to compete for more senior positions like directors in hospitals or institutions. MDS graduates earn very good salaries in line with their positions.

MDS Courses Details

Course name

Master of dental surgery

Course Level

Master degree


3 years


Minimum 50% in BDS, Entrance test score



Job opportunities

Dental surgeons and dentists at clinics and hospitals Academic Professor, Clinical Research Scientist, General Practitioner, Dental Hygienist

Examination Time


Eligibility Requirements for the Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)

The minimum requirement for the position is a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery (BDS), or an equivalent degree approved by the Dental Council of India. Foreign nationals who are interested in enrolling in the MDS program must obtain a temporary registration from the Dental Council of India while they are enrolled in postgraduate study.

 Age Requirement: Applicants for admission to the MDS program offered by various dental colleges in India must be at least 21 years old to take the AICET entrance exam.

 Other: While applying for the MDS program, candidates should be in good physical health and free of any communicable illnesses.

MDS Admission Applications

The performance of applicants in the NEET MDS entrance test is rigorously taken into consideration for granting admission to the Master of Dental Surgery program (MDS). Before, there were numerous state-level tests for MDS admissions, but as of right now, NEET-MDS is the only entrance exam for Dental PG programs. No other medical entrance exams, whether it be at the state or institutional level, shall be accepted for enrollment in MDS Courses.

MDS Admission Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are administered by colleges, universities, or national organizations for enrollment in the pharmacy diploma program.


An all-India entrance exam known as NEET MDS exam is required for admission in the MDS course in India. In India, NEET MDS is the sole exam required for MDS admissions. The application form and entrance exam can both be filled out by candidates who meet the eligibility requirements. The merit/cut-off list that is made public after the results are announced is used to determine how many seats will be given out. You can read more about NEET MDS Exam 2023.


The 147 seats offered by the seven institutions in Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur, and Rishikesh are filled through the AIIMS MDS entrance test, which is administered by the (AIIMS) All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. The January and July sessions of the AIIMS MDS are held twice a year. The test will have 200 objective-type questions and last for three hours. Below, we’ve mentioned the grading system.


Two times a year, in January and July, the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry, holds the JIPMER MDS exam for admission to two seats. Applicants must achieve the JIPMER MDS cutoff percentage to pass the entrance exam. According to the exam schedule, there will be 100 multiple-choice questions in the JIPMER MDS, which will last one hour and thirty minutes. Four points will be given for each accurate response, but one point will be subtracted for each erroneous response.

How to apply for the entrance exam of MDS?

To apply for the admission exams, follow these steps:

     Visit the entrance examination conducting authority’s website.

     To obtain a reliable ID and password, register.

     Use these credentials to log in again and complete the form as necessary.

     Review the form thoroughly and upload scanned copies of all required attestations, signatures, pictures, and left thumb impressions.

     Please apply for evaluation.

     Save a printed copy of the same for correspondence in the future.

     To keep up with updates regarding the admission card, check the website frequently.

Specializations in MDS


The dental surgical specialty known as prosthodontics is in charge of identifying patients with clinical issues linked to missing or underdeveloped teeth, developing a treatment plan for them, and ensuring their ongoing oral health, comfort, and aesthetics.


This area of dentistry deals with the correction of poorly positioned teeth and jaws. Teeth that are misaligned or that do not fit together properly are more difficult to keep clean, are more likely to be lost early due to dental decay and periodontal disease, and may even cause headaches and other related issues.

Operational dentistry

Operational dentistry is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the detection, treatment, and avoidance of diseases or injuries to teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The field of medicine known as oral and maxillofacial surgery is in charge of diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions affecting the jaws, mouth cavity, and facial skeleton in general.

Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the area of dentistry focused on maintaining existing teeth in the mouth.


Periodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on dental implant implantation as well as the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease.

Dental radiology

Dental radiology and oral medicine deal with conditions affecting the mouth and its supporting structures.

Why should you choose MDS?

A specialized field of medical science is dental science. A specialized course of study, the Master of Dental Surgery.

     It emphasizes oral and dental hygiene, anatomy, issues, solutions, avoidance, intervention, and rehabilitation.

     Further education in dentistry is unquestionably a wise career decision, especially in a country like India where oral disorders and problems are a common source of worry. Together with children, it affects the population and public health.

     Due to the extensive scope of the study, there are numerous specialties within this broad topic.

     Applicants are required to select from the list of specializations based on their preferences. He or she will concentrate all of their future research on this one area of concentration.

     The Master of Dental Surgery degree is the highest level of professional training and entails acquiring information and abilities critical to the practice of dentistry in the medical field.

     Via a variety of specialties, aspirants gain in-depth knowledge as well as practical experience in treating actual medical issues related to oral and dental conditions.

     To begin a career as an expert in this subject of study, a student must first become professionally proficient by participating in laboratory training, OPD assignments, internships, practical classes, seminars, lectures, etc.

     Applicants should enroll in this program if they want to become affiliated as an expert in the medical field of dental and oral specialty.

     Students must pass a written exam, turn in a thesis, pass practical exams, and participate in a viva voce at the final exam.

     Candidates who complete their studies can begin their careers as Dental Surgeons with the chosen specialization.

     The most sought-after career prospects for those pursuing a Master of Dental Surgery degree are dental surgeon, dental hygienist, academic lecturer, clinical research scientist, and general practitioner.

     The Ph.D. in Dental Surgery is a promising next step for MDS candidates in the future. The value and scope of job prospects will both significantly increase as a result.

Careers of MDS

Career growth is constantly rising in the medical field due to the continuously rising need. Moreover, this nation constantly demands strong and qualified dental practitioners due to the bad oral health conditions and numerous oral addictions of the general populace. In addition to earning their master’s degree, candidates for the Master of Dental Surgery can further their careers in two main ways:

Academic Focus

One of the best academic degrees that aid in securing promising future opportunities in the field of dental surgery is a doctoral degree. Interested students can choose to pursue research with future Ph.D. degrees in MDS with an internship after finishing the MDS program.

Professional Focus

After obtaining further degrees and accumulating experience, candidates may apply for positions with greater responsibility at various institutions and hospitals. A promising future possibility is a private practice. He or she can thrive in private practice effectively with the right expertise and education.

After completing the MDS program, graduates can find employment opportunities in a variety of settings, including academic institutions, pharmaceutical research centers for oral care products, private dental clinics, hospital dental departments, government health clinics dental clinics, and more.

Apart from that there are various opportunities such as :

     Surgical dentist

     Assistant dentist

     The technician at a dental lab

     Representative of the medical

     Teachers at home and professors

     Independent Professional

     Oral pathologist and forensics

     Dentist’s assistant

     Representative of Sales


     Public health professional

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