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MD MS Admission in Nepal 2024

Not only Indian students but also international students choose for MD MS Admission in Nepal as one of their top places for medical college. For Indian medical aspirants who have been considering medicine as a career, studying MD MS in Nepal is a fantastic chance. Nepal and India have several traits in addition to being friendly neighbors. The Medical Council of India has certified numerous medical facilities in Nepal (MCI). Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, etc. are some of Nepal’s top medical schools. Many colleges affiliated with these universities provide top-notch MD MS degrees. These universities choose candidates for MD MS admission in Nepal according to merit.

Due to a variety of factors, Nepal is a favorite destination for Indian students seeking MBBS or MD/MS medical education. Several factors contribute to Indian students choosing this country for their higher education, including the top-notch instruction offered by these renowned institutions, the affordable medical courses fees, and the ease of application procedures. The MCI syllabus and medical exams in India are carefully followed by the Nepali educational system, which is modeled after India’s. The length of the MD MS course in Nepal is equivalent to that in India. Candidates for study in Nepal do not need a visa, in contrast to those from other nations.

Medical Education Commission Entrance Examination (MECEE)

Medical Education Commission Entrance Examination is referred to as MECEE PG (Nepal PG Medical Entrance Exam). Like medical entrance exams in India, this is a standard entrance exam for MD MS admission in Nepal and other postgraduate (PG) medical admission in Nepal. The Board for Medical Education in Nepal administers the MECEE exams. A nationwide entrance test is called MECEE, which is organised by Nepal Medical Education Commission.

Indian students who wish to MD MS admission in Nepal or enroll in their top-choice Nepalese medical institution must pass the MEC entrance exam. PG medical admission in Nepal is determined by MECEE results. It is a computer-based exam set up in several testing facilities. There are 200 multiple-choice questions on the exam paper, with a possible 200 marks.

Eligibility Criteria- MECEE PG Examination

To be eligible for admission to Nepali medical colleges, students who are sitting the MECEE-PG entrance test must have a specified set of skills. This is a list of the MECEE-PG requirements. Please read it over. 

     Prospective candidates must hold an MBBS degree or another degree equivalent that has been approved by the Medical University.

     Applicants must have finished an internship after completing their academic training. That is necessary.

     Aspirants for all international students must be registered with the Medical Council of India (in the case of Indian students).

     They must be registered permanently or provincially with the medical councils of their respective nations.

How to apply?

You must register by providing your name, a working email address, a password, and a phone number. A user ID and password will be issued to your registered email address when you provide these credentials.

Username and Password

Candidates must now open an account on the application form using the ID and password provided.

Complete the Application

     Log into your account after registering to complete the application.

     Students must complete the application form with all pertinent information.

     Each field must be completed.

     You must fill out the information about yourself, your education, and other things.

Once the information has been entered accurately, upload the scanned copies of the necessary papers. Your passport-size photo, signature, and academic transcripts must all be uploaded. Submit the papers following the specifications for size set forth by the relevant authority. For uploading files or images, there are detailed instructions available.

MECEE PG Requirment Documents for Registration

     Transcripts are required for academic diplomas and MBBS degrees.

     Certificate of MCI registration.

     No-Objection Declaration.

     For candidates sponsored by the government, a work experience certificate is required.

     Photos the size of a passport.

     a scanned copy of the candidate’s signature on a piece of identification, such as a passport or an Aadhaar card.

MD MS in Nepal– Admission Process for Indian Students

After graduating, Indian medical students who wish to pursue an MD or MS in Nepal must research the higher medical education options available in Nepal. Nepal appears to be a viable option for MD or MS study because there aren’t many MCI-recognized institutions there that offer MCI-recognized MD/MS seats. On the official MCI website, you may read the notification.

Many successful medical professionals who have earned their MBBS course and completed a year of in-house training enroll for postgraduate education in India each year. Unfortunately, only a few can study MD MS courses. In addition, the guidelines and situations for postgraduate medical admission have significantly changed. Only medical entrance exams are used to provide admission for all students.

MD MS Admission in Nepal

MD MS Admission in Nepal- Eligibility Criteria for Indian students

     It is necessary to finish the 12-month internship.

     For the duration of the study period in Nepal, candidates must be registered provincially with NMC.

     The person must be registered with the local medical council.

     The MECEE PG admission exam must have been passed by the students with at least a 50% score.

MD MS Admission in Nepal- Document required for Indian students

     Authentic certificate and marks card of classes 10 and 12.

     A genuine MBBS diploma and certificate must be in Nepalese.

     Original registration certificate from the appropriate medical council.

     Immigration document.

     a letter of conduct.

     Voter identification, passports, Aadhaar cards, domicile certificates, and other citizenship documents.

     If he or she has been employed by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health will send a letter with no objections for the MD MS admission in Nepal.

MCI Recognized Seats of MD MS in Nepal for Indian students

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has approved the following colleges, even though Nepal draws many foreign students to pursue degrees in medicine and healthcare:

1.    Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu

2.    B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan

B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan

The B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) was founded in 1993 and upgraded to a self-contained Health Sciences University on October 28, 1998. Its mission is to develop competent health professionals, deliver healthcare, and conduct health research. Eastern Nepal is where the Institute is situated. The university holds its entrance exams for the MD MS admission before the MEC Entrance Test. For Indian students, separate tests are given. But starting in 2020, the Nepal Medical Education Board will hold the MECEE, a common entrance test, to admit candidates to the MD MS admission in Nepal. Entrance is granted only based on performance or rank. Every year in September, applications for admission and the entrance exam are made available. Every year in October, the entrance exam is held.

Course Offered by BPKIHS

All of the MD/MS, MSc, and MPH degrees are accepted by the appropriate councils in Nepal, and the Medical Council of India (MCI) also accepts several MD/MS degrees in anesthesia, dermatology and venereology, orthopedics, pediatrics, surgery, radiology, psychiatry, otorhinolaryngology, medicine, and pharmacology, as well as in gynecology and obstetrics. Human anatomy, human physiology, medical biochemistry, and medical microbiology all provide MSc degrees in basic sciences.

Admission procedure for BPKIHS

B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan’s admissions procedure For MD MS courses, B P Koirala holds a separate entrance examination. Indian students must take and pass this exam to be admitted to this college for MD MS admission. Seats are assigned according to the Rank attained in this Admission Examination, with a qualifying mark of 40%. No such thing as a Management Quota, International Quota, or Direct Admission exists. This admission examination is given in May.

Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu

As part of Tribhuvan University, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) was founded in 1972 with the mandate and duty of educating all types of health personnel required by the nation. For MD MS admission in Nepal, a separate entrance exam is administered by the Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu. Indian students must take and pass this exam to be admitted to this college. 40% of the total is required. The seat is allocated following the entrance test rank attained. This entrance examination is given in March. All applicants to this institute are chosen solely based on their merits. Before the present, PG admission was granted based only on the results of the MEC Entrance Examination, which replaced the entrance exam administered by the IOM-Tribhuvan University. To be admitted to the MD or MS programs, candidates must pass the exam.

1.    Passing the MECEE is required to qualify for admission.

2.    No student will receive a discount following any clause.

Course Offered by IOM, Kathmandu

Various courses are offered by IOM, Kathmandu starting from.MD Anesthesiology, MD Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology, and MD Internal Medicine. Apart from that they offer MD Obstetrics & Gynecology, MD Ophthalmology, MD Pediatrics, MD Psychiatry, and MD Radio diagnosis. They also offer master’s in surgery Courses like MS ENT, MS General Surgery, MS Orthopedics, MD GP & Emergency Medicine, and MD Pathology.

Admission procedure for IOM, Kathmandu

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in Kathmandu has a separate entrance exam for admission to the MS/MD program. Indian students must take and pass this exam to be admitted to this college. Seats are assigned according to the Rank attained in this Admission Examination, with a qualifying mark of 40%. No such thing as a Management Quota, International Quota, or Direct Admission exists. This entrance examination is given in March.

Benefits of studying MD MS in Nepal

1.    Universities with NMC approved– The medical universities in Nepal have received NMC certification, which means that the Indian students would follow a comparable curriculum and organizational structure.

2.    World-class faculty and education– The faculty at these colleges is very qualified, which speaks highly of the colleges’ authenticity.

3.    Affordable living costs– Nepal has very reasonable living costs. This results from the Nepalese and Indian currencies having different values. Any student who needs to stay there to complete their medical studies can, therefore, live comfortably.

4.    No language barrier– The regional tongue of Nepal is comparable to that of northeastern India. The villagers greet visitors the same way they treat their family members. Their hospitality is very nice and calm  Thus, it is a wise choice if you intend to study MD MS in Nepal.

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MD MS admission in Nepal is a great opportunity for those medical students of India who have been pursuing for Medical as a profession. I hope you enjoyed the information of this article and it is very helpful for all medical aspirants.



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