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Want to study in Nepal? There are many more reasons to satisfy you to study in Nepal. The Himalayas are located in Nepal, which is also known as the “top of the world.” Nepal’s picturesque landscape and fascinating culture do not adequately convey the modernism that has swept over the country. Moreover, Nepal’s education system has been advancing quickly to keep up with institutions throughout the world.

The new education system in the world is being led by 14 universities in Nepal. Nepal is renowned for its universities, incredible infrastructure, and low tuition costs. It also offers courses in engineering, science, and medicine. Many students travel to this country because it is economical, has recognized universities, and has a thriving job market. Nepalese universities have expanded their programs to study in Nepal for international students, research, and facilities to draw in a sizable foreign student body despite having the world’s newest educational system. Nepal education ranking in world history since its early days.

Why should you choose to study in Nepal?

Hindu and Buddhist heritage is present in Nepalese culture. As a result, attending university in Nepal is very different from doing so in the UK, USA, or Canada. Since living in Nepal is slower, quieter, cheaper, and more tranquil than anywhere else in the world, it is more like earning a degree while on vacation. Studies in sociology, politics, and religion have a long history in Nepal. Universities in Nepal provide courses on the two biggest religions—Hinduism and Buddhism—but these courses necessitate a 21st-century research perspective. Student visa Nepal is very cheap than other countries

Top Universities of Nepal and Courses offered in Nepal

Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University are the only two universities in Nepal to make the Times Higher Education ranking. If you want to study in Nepal, you can pick from the following list of the top university of Nepal.

     Tribhuvan University

     Kathmandu University 

     Mid Western University 

     Lumbini Buddhist University 

     Pokhara University

     Purbanchal University 

     Agricultural and Forestry University

     Nepal Sanskrit University 

     Far Western University 

Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University

The oldest and biggest university in Nepal, Tribhuvan University, is situated in the historic city of Kirtipur. For all overseas students, this distinguished institution offers more than 4000 undergraduate and graduate courses. The top courses like MBBS in Nepal, BSc, MSc, and BE and many more courses available at any Nepali university are offered by the technical institutes of TU. The tuition fees here are lower because this university is publicly supported. A prominent graduate and chancellor of Tribhuvan University are Sher Bahadur Deuaba, the current prime minister of Nepal.

     Bachelor of Information Management

     Bachelor of Business Studies

     Bachelor of Business Administration

     Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

     Doctor of Philosophy

     M.Phil. – Master of Philosophy

     Master of Public Administration

     Master in Travel And Tourism Management

     Master of Hospitality Management

     Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Kathmandu University

Kathmandu University

One of Nepal’s oldest universities, Kathmandu University, prides itself on offering the best education possible to develop future leaders. This is demonstrated by the university’s motto, “Quality Education for Leadership.” In Nepal, Kathmandu University has numerous campuses that grant undergraduate, graduate, and research degrees in the humanities, law, engineering, medical, business, and social sciences.

     B.Sc. Applied Physics

     Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering

     Bachelor of Pharmacy

     B.Sc. Environmental Science

     B.Sc. Human Biology

     M.Sc. Environmental Science Master in Pharmacy

     MS by Research (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

     MS by Research (Biotechnology)

     MS by Research (Environmental Science)

Pokhara University

Pokhara University

Pokhara University is regarded as one of the top universities in Nepal for its scholarship offerings. This prestigious university, which is located in Pokhara, a major city, has teamed up with local, regional, and worldwide colleges to put Nepali universities on the map of the world of higher learning. Science and technology, business studies, humanities and social sciences, and health sciences are the four faculties at Pokhara University. As Chancellor of this university, the Prime Minister of Nepal is in charge. 

     MBA – Master of Business Administration

     MBA Global Business

     MBA Finance

     MBA Executive Master of Healthcare Management

     Master of Computer Information System

     Post Graduate Diploma in HealthCare Management

     Bachelor of Business Administration

     Bachelor of Healthcare Management

     Bachelor of Hotel Management

Purbanchal University 

Purbanchal University

To begin rural development, this university in Nepal was established to assess, plan for, adjust to, fine-tune, and engage in public discussion about local issues. One of the newest universities, Purbanchal, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts, management, engineering, science, technology, and medical sciences. It also offers programs in rural development, education development, and management.

     Bachelor of Business Administration

     Bachelor of Fashion Design

     Bachelor of Commerce Studies

     Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management

     Bachelor of Hotel Management

     Bachelor of Travel And Tourism Studies

     Executive Master of Business Administration

     MBA – Master of Business Administration

     Master of Public Administration

     Master of Tourism Studies

Agricultural and Forestry University 

Agricultural and Forestry university

A large Agricultural and Forestry University was created in Nepal by combining two agricultural campuses of prestigious universities. This institution is dedicated to improving the agricultural and forestry workforce and advancing research in these fields through education. This university offers programs in forestry, agriculture, animal science, fisheries, veterinary medicine, and natural resource management.

     BSc in Forestry

     BSc in Agricultural

     Msc in Forestry

     Msc in Agricultural

Eligibility for studying in Nepal

Universities in Nepal provide the most unusual courses in every discipline, as you may already be aware. Their motto also calls for a calm approach to modern schooling. The following criteria must be met if you want to attend one of these prestigious colleges to study:

     A bachelor’s degree is required for postgraduate degrees and a minimum of 12th-grade education for undergraduate degrees.

     All of your academic records

     The entrance exam of a university

     Entrance test specific to the course (NEET, JEE and other medical entrance exams)

     Purpose Statement

     Recommendation letter


     Several colleges in Nepal don’t require proof of English competence because the nation isn’t primarily an English-speaking one.

Admission procedure in Nepal

The following is the Nepali college admissions process:

     Use the university portal to apply.

     Send the documents’ scanned copies.

     Receive the letter of invitation within 48 hours.

     Register and pay the fees.

     Make a visa application.

     Within two weeks, obtain the visa.

     Specify the arrival date.

     Get on a plane and start going to your lectures there.

(Students from India who wish to study in Nepal do not require a passport or visa.)

Student Visa Process

Requirements of Student Entry in Nepal

Anyone from outside Nepal planning to enter for educational purposes should:

     To make it easier for him or her to enter Nepal, get a visa (if necessary).

     Enter Nepal only from and through authorized entry points.

     To the immigration officer at the port of entry, provide a current passport.

     Declare your reasons for entering Nepal, including the admission notice facility.

     After entering, proceed to the designated immigration office to receive a student permit for Nepal.

Visa eligibility

The requirements below must be followed.

     A candidate must present a letter of acceptance confirming that they have been given a spot on a full-time programme of study at a reputable educational institution.

     Candidates must be able to show that they have the resources necessary to support themselves in the nation.

     The entire payment of the course costs must be documented.

     The arrangement of private medical insurance, along with supporting documentation, is required.

     At the conclusion of their study year, candidates must have a clear intention to return to their home country.


Every college has their own scholarship program which can be found on their official website. The colleges of Nepal provide 80-40% scholarships for the students who have got more than 80% in 10th and 12th standards. Apart from that there are several scholarships from the government which are only for Nepalese students. You can directly apply for the scholarship program through your university and can apply for some private scholarships.

Hostels, Library and Food Facilities in Nepal


Almost all the colleges provide hostels and food for their both national and international students.

     More than 500- 800 students can be accommodated in the college hostel.

     In order to facilitate and provide convenience for Postgraduate students, the hostel offers different facilities for males and girls in addition to a separate hostel.

     With round-the-clock security, wardens, caretakers, etc., all of the hostels offer exceptional support to students.

     In order to effectively oversee the Campus security requirements, the College employs the services of an internationally recognised, experienced security agency that works in coordination with the local police.

     The college officials have excellent control over the students. Only during visiting hours and with written authorization from the authorities are visitors permitted to meet the students.

     The hotel’s rooms are furnished with a sharing arrangement of two to three beds and come with the bare necessities.

     The College owns a fleet of vehicles that are continuously utilized by students and employees to travel between the medical college, hospital, and dorms.

     The administrative office helps students and their guests make in advance travel plans and directly manages arriving and leaving travels, including airport transits.

Food Facilities

The canteen serves sanitary food that is well-equipped and catered to the tastes of students from many nations and locations. The hostel mess offers excellent healthy, clean cuisine that is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian at a very affordable price.


     A computerized and air-conditioned library with a wide collection of books, journals, cases, and articles, as well as 24-hour internet access and Wi-Fi, is available in all the colleges

     Aside from the central library, each of the departments has its own well-organized departmental library with a large variety of text/reference volumes and journals in the relevant and related fields.

     For the teachers, postgraduate students/interns, and undergraduate students, separate reading areas have been built.

Courses offered and Universities for Study MBBS in Nepal

One of the most popular course is MBBS that offered at practically all colleges in Nepal. One of the most expensive programs to Study in Nepal. For MBBS admission in Nepal at all affiliated Colleges, Nepal Medical Commission conducts an entrance exam. To be admission to any of these Colleges, students—including Indians—must take and pass this exam. Colleges are affiliated with Kathmandu University, B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, and Tribhuwan University.

Below are the best medical colleges in Nepal that consistently place highly on medical rankings for MBBS programs:

Nepal university list for MBBS study in Nepal

     Kathmandu University

     B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

     Tribhuvan University

     Manipal College of Medical Science

     Kathmandu Medical College

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