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Many Indian students want to study MBBS in Nepal because Nepal is India’s closest neighbour and the two countries get along well. Many of the medical professors in Nepal are from India. In Nepal, direct admission can be done. The simplest way to escape India’s confusing admissions process is to go to Nepal. Then Nepal would be your first choice for a medical school. MBBS admission in Nepal is advised by many professors and good doctors.

Choosing the proper profession is a wise move for any student. A great option for any student is to admission in medical courses in Nepal, where the majority of international students prefer to pursue an MBBS degree. It is an excellent place to consider. MBBS in Nepal is what you need if you want to become a truly remarkable specialist.

Nepal students that study abroad do so, on a global scale. Due to fierce competition, MBBS admission in Nepal is difficult; one must prepare. One can pursue advanced education at a number of universities across the nation. The medium for instruction is English. Additionally, there is the best package to study MBBS in Nepal, with prices starting at 46 lakhs.

Why study MBBS in Nepal?

Every student, with rare exceptions, is want to admission in a reputable university for higher education to pursue a career in medicine. Nowadays, an increasing number of students are admission in Nepal’s medical institutes to study in Nepal for MBBS course. For a variety of factors, Nepal’s medical schools are outperforming everyone else in terms of student preference. The primary factors that compel Indian students to pursue MBBS in Nepal are the high level of instruction provided, the range of diagnostic tools used to assess learning, the chance to be creative, and, above all, the stringent professors who work in such a conductive environment.

     College fees are one of the most important elements why people consider MBBS in Nepal. When compared to some of India’s private medical institutions, you will find that the cost of education is lower.

     Many medical schools in Nepal are recognized by MCI and international organizations like the WHO.

     English is the main language in most of Nepal’s medical colleges. As a result, it won’t be difficult for Indian students to enroll in Nepal’s medical schools.

     Most medical universities are known for their world-class services in medicine.

     People prefer good education at a lower cost for which Nepal is the best-suited place.

MBBS in Nepal Course Duration

Students in Nepal receive top-tier medical education. It is almost a 5-year program including practical knowledge and internships.

Fees of MBBS in Nepal

Being an adjacent country, there is no requirement for an official visa, and lodging and food are often well-known, simple to obtain, and affordable. However, the MBBS in Nepal fee structure may be high and out of reach for certain individuals. The largest barrier to MBBS admission in Nepal is the exorbitant tuition charges made by various universities. A high graduation rate shows a university’s superior educational standards. The fees for an MBBS degree in Nepal are cheaper than in any other foreign country. Most of the private medical colleges in Nepal charge between 46 and 60 lakh rupees for the entire MBBS program and almost 20 to 30 lakh in government institutions.

Mbbs Syllabus in Nepal

There are a total of 5 and  half years for studying MBBS in Nepal. Each year there are some new subjects which are to be learned.


     Clinical exposure

     Communication Skills

     Integrated Basic Medical Science

     Community Medicine

Second Year

     Integrated Basic Medical Science

     Clinical Exposure

     Communication Skills

Third Year


     Internal Medicine


     Disciplines of Forensic Medicine

     Obstetrics and Paediatrics

     Community Medicine

     Applied Epidemiology

     Family Health Exercise medicine

Fourth Year

     Internal Medicine





     Community Medicine



     Information Technology



     Ethics and Research



     Accident and Emergency Medicine



Fifth Year



     Community Health Laboratory


     Communication skills

     Environmental Health


     Community Health Diagnosis

     Family Health

     Information Technology


     Health Education

Benefits of MBBS in Nepal

The nation is near India’s borders and is an ally of that nation. For Indian students interested in obtaining an MBBS, Nepal is a popular choice. It is the perfect destination to pursue a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program because of the welcoming locals and excellent healthcare options:

     Universities in Nepal that have received MCI recognition have identical academic programs and syllabi to those in India.

     Indian staff and teachers are highly qualified and experienced.

     Graduates from Nepalese medical universities pass the MCI screening test at a relatively high rate.

     In comparison to other nations, Nepal offers the lowest package for MBBS in 2023.

     They provide scholarships to students from other countries.

     For Indian students, there is also the option to pay tuition in installments.

     Both the cost of medical school and the quality of education are the highest in Nepal.

     Indian students can easily enroll at Nepal’s medical colleges because instruction there is conducted in English.

     Students have the option of choosing hostels or apartments with top-notch professors and secure housing.

     Numerous colleges, pretty much every college, and school have an Indian mess, so no Indian student has to worry about their choice of words.

     The MBBS in Nepal is supported by both MCI and the World Health Organisation.

     The students are ensured to get top-notch assistance so they don’t feel too far from home.

     The training provided by medical universities is of the highest caliber and is based on an enormous body of information.

     Nepal offers an MBBS program at a lower cost than many other European countries.

     In Nepal’s MBBS universities, ragging is prohibited.

     Many of the colleges offer Indian food to students who came from India.

     Separate hostels for young ladies and men.

     Nepal is a nation with excellent protection.

What is MCI Screening Test?

MCI screening test for graduates of medical colleges to be eligible to practise medicine in the country, The National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducts the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination), commonly known as the MCI (Medical Council of India) Screening Test, which is an examination for medical licensure in India.

Mbbs Admission Process in Nepal 

The following is the Nepali MBBS college admissions process:

     Use the university portal to apply.

     Send the documents’ scanned copies.

     Receive the letter of invitation within 3-7 days.

     Register and pay the fees.

     Make a visa application.

     Within two weeks, obtain the visa.

     Specify the arrival date.

Eligibility for study mbbs in Nepal

To pursue a MBBS course in Nepal, there are some eligibility criteria that one should have. Check all the listed criteria before applying to the colleges.

     Students should use a standard board to distribute 10 + 2.

     50% in biology, chemistry, and physics.

     NEET clearance.

     Students should be fluent in English (IELTS is not necessary).

Require documents of study Mbbs in Nepal

Before taking admitted to the college,  one must submit all the necessary documents. The documents include –

     A passport photocopy

     Mark sheet copies

     Letter of invitation copy

     Birth certificate

     Medical certification

     Eight passport-size photos

Top Colleges for Mbbs admission in Nepal

Some of the top MBBS colleges in Nepal are as follows.

     Nepalgunj Medical College

     Birat Medical College

     Chitwan Medical College

     Lumbini Medical College

     B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

     Manipal College Of Medical Science

     Nepal Medical College

     Nobel Medical College

     Gandaki Medical College

     Universal College Of Medical Sciences Nepal

     Devdaha Medical College And Research Institute

     National Medical College


For Indians, MBBS is the preferred path to a medical degree in Nepal. India’s close ally Nepal is friendly with both countries. In Nepal, where the majority of students are from the north, medicine has long been studied. It’s a nice touch that the majority of the lecturers at Nepal medical colleges are Indians. You will get MBBS admission in Nepal without a donation to the best medical colleges within your price range under the Management, Indian, and Foreign Quota. Only after passing the MCI screening test, can you study MBBS in Nepal.

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