Study MBBS in Bangladesh 2023

Study MBBS In Bangladesh

The MBBS is an undergraduate medical program. More Indian students are choosing MBBS admission in Bangladesh as their destination for their studies abroad. One of the best options for students thinking about launching a future international medical profession is the MBBS in Bangladesh. A foreign student doesn’t pay a heavy amount to study MBBS in Bangladesh. They’ll give you the impression that you’re pursuing an MBBS in India.

One of the greatest options for Indian students who desire to study MBBS overseas is n Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, getting an MBBS degree is straightforward and the admissions process is simple compared to other states.

The common international border between Bangladesh and India is 4,156 kilometers (2,582 miles) long. A neighbor of India in Bangladesh. There are many benefits to earning an MBBS from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a very quick and affordable place for students to travel.

For the following reasons you should study MBBS in Bangladesh which is practically comparable to studying for the MBBS in India:

  • Comparable and easy Syllabus
  • Equivalent medical books
  • The Same Diseases and Procedures are Studied in the Same Study Pattern
  • Exam Patterns Have a Common Type
  • In India, the MBBS program lasts 4.5 years instead of 5 years.

Overview of MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Degree OfferedMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
Duration of the course5 years
Total course feePrivate Colleges – Rs 25 Lac (INR) To 40 Lac Government Colleges- FREE under SAARC Scholarships
Total hostel feeRs 2500-4500 (per month)
Eligibility criteria60% Marks in PCB and NEET clearance 
Entrance examNEET Qualifying Score Required
Medical colleges affiliated byBangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC)
Medical colleges approved byNational Medical Commission (NMC) of India (earlier MCI)

The Republic of Bangladesh is home to top medical universities that offer top-notch facilities, top-notch medical education standards, and highly qualified staff at every Bangladeshi medical college.

Bangladesh’s MBBS Admission Procedure

There is no entrance exam required for admission to the MBBS in Bangladesh, and the entry process is relatively simple. The application process is simple. It is uncomplicated and direct. Procedures for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh are quite simple and easy. A thorough investigation and a passionate comprehension of this grant technique can make the distribution process simple and successful. 

You can get in touch with us to find out the whole level of the fee, which is INR. Several colleges and institutes provide MBBS degrees from Bangladesh to Indian applicants, there are no donation fees, and living expenses are quite low. In comparison to other nations throughout the world, Bangladesh’s 2023–2024 full MBBS plan’s total cost is affordable.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh Eligibility Criteria

You must speak with authorized college representatives or advisors for seat confirmation and the processing of your papers to get admitted with 100%. The qualifying test, or the 12th grade (10+2=12 years of schooling) at a public school, board, or college, must have been passed by the applicants, or they must have passed an exam in a foreign nation.

Applications must have been submitted by candidates who have completed the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination or an equivalent exam with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their major/compulsory courses. Application requirements stipulate that candidates must have received at least 60% overall (equal to a GPA of 3.5 or similar grade in the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate tests, or analogous exams), or equivalent marks.

In each of these tests, students must receive at least 65% of the possible points (i.e. GPA 3.50 or equivalent grade). Only the top six topics based on marks and grades will be taken into account. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology grades and marks will be taken into consideration for A-level exam evaluation.

The application must be submitted with attested copies of all diplomas, grade reports, and other documentation. The Ministry of Application must certify all diplomas and transcripts. Those whose applications are accepted must present their genuine academic transcripts and diplomas to be admitted.

Documentation Requirements for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

  • Your passport photocopies
  • By December 2023–2024, ten current passport-size photos reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka.
  • All certifications must be duly certified by the appropriate government’s ministry of education as well as the relevant Bangladeshi embassies or foreign embassies situated in Dhaka.
  • During their MBBS Admission in Bangladesh, the successful applicants will need to present all academic diplomas and mark sheets (transcripts in authentic formats).

Why study MBBS Course in Bangladesh?

In India, earning an MBBS degree may be both expensive and challenging. Indian students have started looking into choices abroad because of this. Bangladesh is without a doubt one of their top choices because its universities now adhere to international norms. You will have a wide range of employment options and the chance to practice medicine anywhere in the globe if you decide to complete your MBBS in Bangladesh. This has been made possible by the degrees’ widespread acceptance. There are very few places available in India’s government medical colleges. Students are compelled to seek alternatives and settle for less as a result.

International students and local students in Bangladeshi medical universities frequently work together. The new pupils find this to be of tremendous assistance. These colleges’ campuses are outfitted with cutting-edge infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. Encounters with real-world experiments and practical instruction, this aid in students’ learning. The enrolled pupils have access to all the necessities.

MBBS Syllabus in Bangladesh
Stage 11 and 1/2 yearBiochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology
Stage 21 YearForensic Medicine, Community Medicine
Stage 31 YearPathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Stage 41 Year and 1/2 yearSurgery & Allied subjects, Medicine & Allied subjects, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
MBBS Fees In Bangladesh

The full five-year MBBS package in Bangladesh costs between 24 and 35 lakhs in total. The fact that India and Bangladesh use the same textbooks, curricula, and study methods makes the MBBS course in Bangladesh popular. There are no hidden fees; all payments are sent directly to the Bangladeshi medical college. Bangladesh’s medical school education is of a higher calibre than that of the Philippines, Kazakhstan, China, and Ukraine.

Study Format for MBBS Course in Bangladesh

This is how the MBBS in Bangladesh is divided. The degree will take five years to complete. As these topics are taught in the best medical universities, students become well-versed in them.

These courses follow international standards and are taught in numerous nations throughout the world. As a result, it is easy for international students, particularly those from India, to integrate into the educational system.

In this post, we provided a general overview of the MBBS Bangladesh curriculum, admission process, and structure in Bangladesh. This makes you study MBBS course in Bangladesh which is the ideal alternative for Indian medical students.

Why MBBS Admission in Bangladesh is favorable for Indian students

Bangladesh is the greatest choice for the majority of medical competitors if you reside in Asia’s main continent. One of the top options for those who want to study medicine overseas is the MBBS program in Bangladesh. Why Indian students should pursue MBBS in Bangladesh is explained here. The number of students aspiring to MBBS admission in Bangladesh is consistently very high.

The working-class family’s budget can be accommodated by Bangladesh’s modestly priced Bangladesh MBBS courses. Bangladesh is a popular choice among MBBS applicants because the cost of necessities is often lower there. Since the cost of a Bangladesh MBBS degree is typically very high and a middle-class or low-income family cannot afford it, the governmental authority offers MBBS scholarships in Bangladesh or other nations to reduce the cost of medical education.

Bangladesh additionally provides a scholarship program for students from SAARC countries who meet the requirements to be eligible for the scholarship benefits. We also note that Bangladesh is well-known for having a top-notch medical education system, which is why the majority of rising stars choose Bangladesh for their MBBS degree. There are a few medical schools in Bangladesh that provide top-notch education that is well-known worldwide.

Factor Affecting Indian Students to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Numerous factors make choosing the MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students a viable option. To show why studying MBBS in Bangladesh is the best option for Indian and other MBBS rivals, we have listed some key reasons below.

  • The MCI confirms that a decent number of Bangladeshi medical companies have been chosen by Indian rivals.
  • In comparison to India, Medical Education Commission Bangladesh tuition is substantially less expensive.
  • Without taking a selection test, candidates can apply directly to medical schools in Bangladesh; however, NEET qualifications are required in any case.
  • No applicant for admission to the medical universities of Bangladesh is required to donate.
  • For applicants who have a position with the S.A.A.R.C. nation, there is no training fee; instead, candidates only need to cover the cost of clinical medical school.
  • Bangladesh MBBS programs are taught in English, and there are no language requirements at the university.
  • Like various other Asian nations, including India, Bangladesh has a similar way of life and environment.
  • Bangladesh shares several environmental similarities with India.
  • Compared to India and several other Asian mainland countries, Bangladesh’s average price for necessities is low.
  • In Bangladesh, the cost of travel and other connected charges is remarkably inexpensive.
  • Competitors may enroll in Bangladeshi medical schools without donating.
Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh
  • Language: English is used as the instruction language. Students can learn concepts more quickly and easily as a result.
  • Food: The cuisine and flavors are comparable to those we may find in India. Students’ transition to their new environment is made simpler as a result. To fit their tastes, students can also prepare their food.
  • Cost: When compared to many reputable medical institutions throughout the world, the cost of life and education in Bangladesh is minimal. The total cost of the course might be between US$30,000 and US$50,000 (depending on the university).
  • Indian and international students have expressed a strong interest in receiving MBBS admission in Bangladesh. One of the most popular locations for Indian students is Bangladesh because of its affordable, effective, and efficient medical education.
Disadvantages of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh
  • Another important problem is the recognition of universities. Candidates should take care to ensure that their credentials have the endorsement of the Medical and Dental Council of Bangladesh in Dhaka in addition to NMC certification.
  • Students may experience linguistic difficulty since Bengali is the native tongue in Bangladesh (outside the university campus).
  • Students having more than a two-year gap following the 12th grade are not admitted to Bangladesh’s private medical colleges.
  • Indian students must obtain a “No objection Certificate from NMC.”
Tuition Fees for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

The total cost of the five-year MBBS program in Bangladesh is between 24 and 35 lakhs. The fact that the MBBS program in Bangladesh uses the same textbooks, curriculum, and study methods as that in India contributes to its popularity. There are no additional fees; all payments are sent directly to the medical college in Bangladesh. The quality of MBBS in Bangladesh is comparable to other MBBS leading countries.

Top Colleges for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

College NameYear of Establishment
Dhaka National Medical College1994
Community-Based Medical College1995
Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College2002
Green Life Medical College2005
Southern Medical College2005
Eastern Medical College, Comilla2005
Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College2005
Barind Medical College2011
Monno Medical College2011
Bangladesh Medical College2013

MCI/NMC Approved Medical Colleges for Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Name of Medical Colleges NMC/MCI Approved
Khawaja Yunus Ali Medical College, Bangladesh.
Barind Medical College.
BGC Trust Medical College Bangladesh.
Manno Medical College.
International Medical College.
Mainamoti Medical College.
Dr Sirajul Islam Medical College.

Final words     

If you have decided to study MBBS degrees overseas, selecting the ideal country is an important next step. If you’re looking for MBBS programs with low tuition costs, Bangladesh is the best choice. Bangladesh has one of the best MBBS programs in the world, even though it is much less expensive than institutions in other countries.

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