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The Career Counsellor is an Indian-based international educational consultancy located in India. Our team of professional counsellors put their efforts to provide you the best out of the box solutions. We are one of the top leading education consultants in India and offer educational services to the knowledge seekers who want to study in India and abroad. We live in a world of ever changing and evolving and we provide the Indian students with the proper expertise and effective results.


Study In India

India is a land of many discoveries and innovations. The competitive learning environment encourages students to think out-of-the-box and thrive in their academic journey. India has mix of rich cultures and heritage. With a strong network of more than 1000 universities and 42,000 colleges, India is the second-largest education hub. The current education system is a blend of theoretical and practical learning that enables education at par with the global standards. We at the Career Counsellor will help you get admission to the best Universities in India.

Study Overseas

The career Counsellor is the best overseas educational consultants organization based at India, dedicated towards providing education consultancy services to Indian students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them. Education abroad programs have always fascinated the Indian students. While in the British period, the favourite destination used to be U.K., at the present age the number of favourite education destinations of the Indian students has multiplied. Although America attracts most of the students, study abroad programs of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, U.K., Germany and various other countries of Asia, Africa and Europe are also attracting the students for education abroad.

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Hotel Management

What We Do

Career Guidance

We offer career guidance services from school to university courses.

Admission Assistance

Get complete admission assistance for world's best universities/colleges

College Selection

We help you to choose the best institution as per your interest and budget as we have tied up with world's top institutions

Counselling & Support

Counselling plays major role while choosing the career. Our Expert counsellor offer best services

Choosing to be an overseas student might considerably expand your educational opportunities. Foreign universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia have highly reputed institutions, and these three nations are home to a large percentage of the world’s top universities.

Studying abroad can help your career open up to multiple possibilities. Employers increasingly prioritize graduates who have foreign experience and education in today’s globalized society.

Learning new languages, appreciating other cultures, overcoming the hardships of living in another country, and gaining a better understanding of the globe are all benefits you will gain when you decide to study abroad. You can get a global perspective, visit new locations and cultures, and make friends from all over the world by participating in study abroad programmes while earning academic credits for your degree. You’ll be able to gain highly sought-after abilities including cross-cultural communication, foreign languages, adaptability, and problem-solving.

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