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Study MBBS Abroad at Low cost

An MBBS study costs more in India than study MBBS aborad. This is one of the main reasons Indian students move abroad to further their aspirations. If a student pursues MBBS abroad, the cost is only 60 lakh, compared to a student’s cost of around 75 lakh in India.

Due to higher tuition costs in India, students either decide to attend a government university there or move abroad. But because there are so few institutions, there is more rivalry for spots at government medical colleges. Records show that in 2016, there were 7 lakh applicants from all over India vying for 25,085 merit-based MBBS seats at government colleges. Therefore, if becoming a doctor is your goal, you need either work hard to pass the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) or search for study MBBS abroad for Indian students at low costs. Foreign MBBS programs are fairly affordable and offer high-quality instruction. But make sure you pick the best university overseas.

From this list, choose the Cheapest MBBS Abroad For Indian Students to study medicine:


MCI has recognised 45 medical institutions in China. It is suggested to do so in order to obtain quality education. Your MBBS degree diploma and any practical experience you get are recognised internationally. This is the greatest country to study MBBS, and it will be a wise choice for Indian students.

Here are a few well-known universities in China:


For Indian students, find inexpensive MBBS programs in Kyrgyzstan. Education will only cost between Rs. 12 and Rs. 18 lakh. If you want to earn an MBBS degree at a low cost, it is preferable to consider this nation. The college will accept applications starting in July, and the application process will take 20 days to complete. Anyone who completed their 12th grade with at least 50% in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics is eligible to apply for the MBBS program here.

Some of the reputable institutions are listed below:


Medical colleges in Nepal offer aspirants high-quality education. They can enjoy pleasant weather there too. There are many medical schools in Nepal that accept students who want to pursue MBBS with the aid of foreign experts. The Medical Council of India has approved the colleges in Nepal (MCI).

Check out the following colleges if you want to pursue MBBS program in Nepal:


One of the finest options for Indian students seeking an affordable MBBS degree is the Philippines. Philippines Medical colleges use an American teaching methodology. Therefore, communication skills will also increase with great education. To get a seat at the best university in the Philippines, the MCI screening test can be passed with ease. The price will be about Rs. 25 lakh, which is less than the cost of an MBBS programme at an Indian university.

some of the top universities in the Philippines :


Ukraine offers top-notch education at a competitive price for those interested in MBBS for Indian students looking for a cheap destination and medical universities in Ukraine International institutions and authorities like the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization, UNESCO, FAIMER, and AMEE have acknowledged Ukrainian colleges on a global scale. Pupils can receive individualised attention for world-class sessions because there are one teacher for every ten students.

Here are a few affordable colleges in Ukraine where Indian students can pursue an MBBS degree:


The cost of an MBBS degree from a European nation is quite high, yet Russia offers an affordable but top-notch education. To get admitted to Russian colleges for MBBS, you are not need to follow a set of rules. You may apply if your 12th-grade grade point average was 50% or higher.

Some of Russia’s top medical facilities include:


Bangladesh provides an economical, high-quality MBBS education that is accessible to all students. MBBS study in Bangladesh is very affordable for all medical students who wants to study at low cost. You are a qualified candidate if you received a grade of 60% or higher in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in your 12th grade. International students can apply in the SAARC quota as well as as non-quota aspirants in private universities, hence the admission requirements for international students and Bangladeshi students are different.

Check out a few of Bangladesh’s top universities:


Poland has one of the great medical education systems in Europe. After successfully completing 6 years of study, you will receive an MBBS degree in addition to 1 year of prerequisite coursework. Since English is the international language of study, skills of transmission can be easily improved too.

Here are a few of Poland’s top universities for MBBS studies:


IELTS and TOEFL test must be cleared if you wish to study mbbs in Germany. Since this country has so many internationally known institutions, you receive a high-quality medical education. Germany has a large number of part-time job opportunities for students, allowing you to combine a part-time career with a quality education at one of the best universities.

Some of Germany’s top medical facilities:

You now know the list of nations that provide MBBS education to Indian students at a reasonable price. But make sure you put forth a lot of effort to help the populace.

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